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Annina is a consultant and modelling expert with over five years' experience in the power sector. She has played a key role in the development of a number of EMRC tariff models - including electricity cost of service and tariff models for Nigeria and Lesotho, an off-grid tariff model for Tanzania, and a toolbox for renewable energy tariff design in West African countries.

She helped develop the Scottish Electricity Dispatch Model (SEDM) for the Scottish Government. The dispatch model projects investment decisions to 2050, including a regional representation of the British transmission system and wind resource, analysis of short-term impacts such as ramping constraints and system balancing. Her wider power sector modelling experience in Europe includes investigating the suitability of using a customised copula to capture the underlying relationships between correlated fuel prices in Great Britain, an investment model of the LNG infrastructure in the Baltic Sea, and scenario modelling assessing the potential impact of a new interconnection between the Nordpool and Great Britain electricity markets.

Annina has a deep understanding of the Nigerian power sector, having provided substantial modelling and analytical support to distribution companies. Her work has included establishing levels of Aggregate Technical, Commercial (ATC&C) losses, energy demand studies, Business Plans, calculation of market liabilities and industry shortfalls, analysis of liquidity issues, the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trader (NBET) bond approach and preparation of responses on industry-wide issues.

Her wider power sector modelling experience in Africa includes supporting the development of an electricity sector-wide "escrow collection account" in Sierra Leone to help securitise payments to private sector financed IPPs, and modelling to support the development of a national strategy and action plan for the Djbouti electricity sector. She has supported independent power plant (IPP) due diligence and generation financial modelling for a number of potential greenfield sites.

She holds a BSc degree in Mathematics and an MSc in Operational Research with a specialisation in Energy, both from the University of Edinburgh, UK.