We support utilities to improve the performance of their businesses and manage risk. Our support includes business strategy, specialist modelling, loss reduction, managing regulatory risk and building internal capacity within the utility. For publicly owned utilities, we also support the introduction of private-sector capital.

Services to Utilities

Regulatory Compliance and Policy 

We offer comprehensive support in regulatory compliance and policy advocacy initiatives, enabling utility companies to navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with industry standards and guidelines.

Operational Efficiency and Process Optimisation

We identify operational bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and implement tailored process optimisation strategies that drive operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, and promote sustainable resource management within utility companies.

Highlighted Projects

IHS Towers

Evaluated the financial savings that could be made from transitioning base stations from diesel powered generators to on-grid and solar energy supply.

Capacity Building

Advisory for the development of two hybrid solar and conventional generation projects with an aggregate capacity of 235MW ($138.5million). 

shell oil company
Shell Foundation + Konexa

Advisory on the development and integration of decentralized energy technologies within an islanded distribution network in northern Nigeria.

africa energy
Africa 50

Advisors on $214million “Project Green” which aims to reduce diesel use and carbon emissions (50% by 2030) with renewables’ integration across Nigeria's cell sites portfolio.