Due diligence is a comprehensive investigation or audit of a prospective investment or business decision. It involves gathering and analysing relevant information to assess the risks and benefits associated with a particular transaction. By conducting due diligence, potential investors, businesses, and individuals can make well-informed decisions, identify potential red flags, and negotiate better terms to protect their interests and investments. It is a critical risk management tool in the assessment of the overall health and viability of a prospective deal or investment.

Due Diligence Services

Financial Due Diligence and Valuation Analysis

We conduct thorough financial due diligence to assess the financial health of entities involved in energy transactions. Through rigorous financial modeling, valuation analyses, and scrutiny of financial records, we provide insights into financial risks, asset values, and overall transaction feasibility, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Contractual and Commercial Due Diligence

EMRC can help scrutinise contracts, agreements, and commercial arrangements associated with energy transactions. This involves assessing the terms, obligations, and potential risks within contractual agreements, providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of contractual obligations and potential liabilities.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance Review

Our experts conducts in-depth legal and regulatory compliance reviews to identify potential legal risks and ensure adherence to industry standards. We assess contracts, permits, and regulatory obligations, providing stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape surrounding the transaction.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, we conduct environmental and social impact assessments. This involves evaluating the environmental and social implications of energy projects, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements and international standards.

Highlighted Projects

IHS Towers

Evaluated the financial savings that could be made from transitioning base stations from diesel powered generators to on-grid and solar energy supply.

Capacity Building

Advisory for the development of two hybrid solar and conventional generation projects with an aggregate capacity of 235MW ($138.5million). 

shell oil company
Shell Foundation + Konexa

Advisory on the development and integration of decentralized energy technologies within an islanded distribution network in northern Nigeria.

africa energy
Africa 50

Advisors on $214million “Project Green” which aims to reduce diesel use and carbon emissions (50% by 2030) with renewables’ integration across Nigeria's cell sites portfolio.