Get to know us

EMRC are independent consultants providing energy market, regulatory, techno-economic and financing advice for electricity, renewables and gas sector clients globally.

Our team is helping to deliver reliable access to affordable energy in different ways through all our projects. Some examples are:

Our story started with our four Directors – Rahila, Alice, Robert and Ian – who used to work together at IPA Energy Consulting. In some cases, we have worked together for 20 years. When IPA took the decision to close their Edinburgh office in 2010, we agreed to form a new consultancy.

Initially were part of Mercados EMI, but we separated amicably from the group in 2015 and changed our name. Our EMRC companies in Edinburgh and in Abuja are wholly owned by our team members. New team members become shareholders through our profit-sharing scheme.

Our wider family is known as the MRC Group, established by 11 of the former partners of Mercados EMI in Europe and the two founder directors of IPA Energy Consulting in the UK. Our nine sister companies operate internationally as a single organisation sharing our team of more than 80 experts and our presence in 10 cities around the world.

We think that being owned by our team strengthens our passion for our work and helps us focus on what really matters for our clients. We hope you agree.

  • We build the economic models that help regulators and governments encourage sustainable generation – to monitor climate change targets and renewable energy tariff models for West Africa.
  • We design commercial frameworks and advise on the transactions that help private investors fund new projects.
  • We develop tariff models that allow regulators to set prices that are fair to consumers and allow the operators to earn a commercial return that means they can invest and improve their service.
  • We work hand-in-hand with utilities and generators to help them improve the way they do business and strengthen their teams to meet the new challenges they face.