Without energy, there is no development. We help policy-makers to develop robust policies that deliver meaningful energy access and carry out economic analysis of various electrification options, including network expansion, mini-grids and other off-grid energy solutions. We have expertise in addressing structural, regulatory and market barriers to private-sector mini-grids.

Energy Access Services

Energy Access Gap Analysis

We conduct comprehensive energy needs assessments and gap analysis exercises to evaluate the energy requirements within unserved and underserved communities. Through rigorous data collection, community consultations, and energy mapping exercises, we identify the energy access challenges, assess the energy needs of communities, and develop tailored energy access strategies that drive the deployment of sustainable and affordable energy solutions.

We conduct comprehensive feasibility studies, technology assessments, and business model analyses, enabling stakeholders to identify suitable off-grid and mini-grid solutions, optimise resource utilisation, and drive the deployment of decentralised energy solutions that promote energy access, and drive socio-economic development within underserved communities.

We conduct in-depth policy analyses, stakeholder consultations, advocating for progressive policy reforms that foster an enabling environment for energy access, promote regulatory compliance, and ensure the adoption of inclusive energy policies that drive equitable energy access.

Public-Private Partnership Facilitation

We can facilitate the establishment of strategic public-private partnerships that drive collaborative energy access initiatives and promote sustainable development within unserved and underserved communities.

Highlighted Projects

IHS Towers

Evaluated the financial savings that could be made from transitioning base stations from diesel powered generators to on-grid and solar energy supply.

Capacity Building

Advisory for the development of two hybrid solar and conventional generation projects with an aggregate capacity of 235MW ($138.5million). 

shell oil company
Shell Foundation + Konexa

Advisory on the development and integration of decentralized energy technologies within an islanded distribution network in northern Nigeria.

africa energy
Africa 50

Advisors on $214million “Project Green” which aims to reduce diesel use and carbon emissions (50% by 2030) with renewables’ integration across Nigeria's cell sites portfolio.