Energy and water projects require sophisticated structural and functional arrangements to manage the complex relationship between supply and demand. The robust design of these projects is essential to ensure the technical, economic and financial efficiency of the sector.

Our market restructuring work covers the review and design of the energy sector policy, primary and secondary legislation, restructuring, private sector participation, economic cost-benefit analyses, regulatory impact assessments, the definition of efficient tariff schemes, revenue requirements and incentive-based regulation, among others.

Project Development Services

In order to determine the viability and potential difficulties related to energy projects, we carry out thorough feasibility studies and site surveys. We help businesses and investors make well-informed decisions about project feasibility, site selection, and risk mitigation strategies by conducting thorough resource analyses, environmental impact assessments, and regulatory compliance evaluations.

We carry out project management and evaluation that enable our clients track project progress, measure key performance indicators, and assess project outcomes against predetermined objectives. we facilitate the seamless tracking of project performance, identification of key trends, and implementation of corrective measures that drive project efficiency, operational excellence, and ensure the successful delivery of projects.

We can assist in identifying and managing potential risks, financing options, and capital structuring strategies that will drive project profitability, ensure financial sustainability, and enable successful project implementation within the energy sector through thorough mitigation planning and financial modelling exercises.

We enable stakeholders to outline project milestones, establish key deliverables, and foster effective project management practices that drive project efficiency, promote resource optimisation, and ensure the successful implementation of energy initiatives within the dynamic energy landscape.

Highlighted Projects

IHS Towers

Evaluated the financial savings that could be made from transitioning base stations from diesel powered generators to on-grid and solar energy supply.

Capacity Building

Advisory for the development of two hybrid solar and conventional generation projects with an aggregate capacity of 235MW ($138.5million). 

shell oil company
Shell Foundation + Konexa

Advisory on the development and integration of decentralized energy technologies within an islanded distribution network in northern Nigeria.

africa energy
Africa 50

Advisors on $214million “Project Green” which aims to reduce diesel use and carbon emissions (50% by 2030) with renewables’ integration across Nigeria's cell sites portfolio.