Project: Consultancy & Advisory

Highland Disco Acquisition Limited contracted EMRC to evaluate the Key Performance Indices (KPIs) in Jos Electricity Distribution (JED) Plc’s Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). The expectation is to provide a platform for discussions during a management retreat.

JED Plc submitted a PIP and some additional documents to identify its KPIs. However, upon a preliminary examination by EMRC, it was found that the PIP does not address the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (NERC) March 2020 Order on Service Reflective Tariffs (SRT), currently in use in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI). The SRT order is designed to make DisCos charge tariffs according to the level of service provided to their customers. For this reason, EMRC obtained another version of JED Plc’s PIP — as submitted to the regulator in May 2020 — which defines JED Plc’s plans in this direction. This was then reviewed along with DisCo’s supporting documents for insights into 5 major KPIs. These are:

  • ATC&C loss reduction;
  • Frequency of system interruptions;
  • Duration of system interruptions;
  • Number of new customer meters installed; and
  • The number of new customer meters installed.

Market Remittance in line with Minimum Remittance Obligation (MRO)

Client: - Highland Disco Acquisition Limited.