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EEOn Wednesday, the 24th of August, Nigeria launched an ambitious Energy Transition Plan (ETP). Cutting across 5 sectors – Power Sector, Cooking Industry, Oil and Gas Sector, Transportation, and Production Industries in Nigeria-, the ETP is Nigeria’s ticket to realising the goal of net-zero emissions by 2060.

In the power sector, Nigeria hopes to achieve total electrification by 2030 through the expansion of transmission and distribution infrastructure, and the increase of generation capacity to 42GW by 2030. The electrification goal alone will require $25.8 billion in funding.

Energy Transition goals and plans have become common in recent years, and it’s clear that Nigeria hopes to be a leader in the Climate Change movement in Africa.

We believe that to adequately plan for the future we must review our past. Therefore, in the diagram below, we have highlighted available data showing the progress of the sector within the past nine years and where Nigeria plans to be within the next few years.

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Energy Transition Plan
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