Power Sector Performance in Q1/2023:

The first quarter of 2023 brought notable changes to the power sector, characterized by shifts in generation, transmission, and distribution metrics. Key trends emerged in each of these areas, revealing both challenges and improvements.


Comparing Q1/2023 to Q4/2022, there was a notable decrease in available generation. This dip was primarily influenced by seventeen power plants reporting a decline in their generation output. This decline underscores potential challenges faced by these specific plants, raising questions about their operational efficiency and contributing factors.


The transmission segment exhibited its own set of dynamics. The Transmission Loading Factor (TLF), a critical parameter indicating the strain on transmission infrastructure, experienced a noteworthy increase during Q1/2023. This increase surpassed the allowable TLF of 7.25% as well as the Q4/2022 average. The months of February and March stood out with particularly high TLF values of 8.22% and 8.19%, respectively. Despite these elevated figures, the power grid managed to avoid any collapse, indicating a commendable level of resilience and management.


Q1/2023 presented a mixed bag of results in the distribution sector. While there was an overall increase in billing efficiency, there was a simultaneous decrease in collection efficiency compared to the previous quarter. The Aggregate Technical, Commercial, and Collection (ATC&C) loss, a key financial performance metric, was higher in Q1/2023 compared to Q4/2022. This suggests that the financial health of Distribution Companies (DisCos) experienced a decline on average. However, a silver lining emerged in the form of an increased number of metered customers during Q1/2023, indicating progress in accurately measuring and charging for electricity consumption.

Furthermore, the customer experience aspect saw improvements. The number of customer complaints decreased in Q1/2023, and DisCos exhibited a higher resolution rate for these complaints compared to Q4/2022. Although the differences in complaint numbers and resolution rates were marginal, the trend highlights ongoing efforts to enhance customer satisfaction and service quality.

In conclusion, the power sector's performance in Q1/2023 showcased a dynamic landscape. Generation struggles stemmed from specific power plants, transmission encountered elevated strain without collapsing, and distribution experienced financial challenges while making strides in customer service. These trends indicate both areas of concern and positive developments, underscoring the need for continued efforts to ensure a robust and reliable power supply for the future.

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