Energy access refers to the availability and reliable supply of modern energy services to all individuals and communities, ensuring that everyone can meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life.

It includes having access to clean cooking facilities, electricity, and other energy sources that are required for communication, heating, lighting, and other productive tasks. Energy availability is essential for general well-being, healthcare, education, and economic growth. By offering dependable and environmentally friendly energy solutions, we can uplift local economies, lessen poverty, and encourage environmental sustainability. Increasing access to energy is essential to attaining inclusive and equitable growth on a global scale.

Energy Access Services

Advisory for Off-Grid, On-Grid, and Mini-Grid Projects

To support the development and implementation of off-grid, on-grid, and mini-grid projects, we offer professional advisory services. Our advice guarantees that these energy solutions are optimized for sustainability, efficiency, and dependability, meeting the particular needs of each community and promoting wider access to energy.

Clean Cooking Initiatives

Our efforts to promote clean cooking center on making cooking technology accessible that is safe, effective, and low-impact on the environment. Our goals include lowering indoor air pollution, enhancing health outcomes, and reducing dependency on conventional biomass fuels by distributing clean cookstoves and alternative fuels.

Energy Financing and Advisory Services

We supports the implementation of energy access initiatives by providing customized finance options and consultancy services. To guarantee the effective execution and long-term viability of energy projects, we support our customers in obtaining capital, creating business plans, and negotiating legal frameworks.

 Capacity Building and Training Programs

Our comprehensive capacity development and training programs are designed to provide stakeholders and local communities with the necessary knowledge and abilities to manage and maintain energy systems. These initiatives, which promote local ownership and the long-term viability of energy access projects, center on technical training, energy management, and community involvement.

Highlighted Projects

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Under Grid Business Models

We partnered with RMI, Power4All and Clean Tech Hub to develop the “Under-grid Business Model” Report which tested the implementable business model to develop an interconnected mini-grid system in unserved and underserved communities in Nigeria, considering the operational and regulatory peculiarities in the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry.

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Market Research of Energy Sources

EMRC was contracted by Knauf Engineering to research on the existing energy sources in Nigeria, which can deliver the required feedstock to generate 100,000- 200,000 MWh/year for a plant that produces gypsum products.

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Study on Biomass Power Generation

EMRC was contracted by NBET to carry out a study for the Design and Procurement of City-Based Biomass Power and for its integration into the National Grid.